Well, I am headed off to Ireland and the UK, and this is where you can find me – and our wines*:

18 February 2013
Evening tasting
Park House Hotel
via Thomas Woodberry Fine Wines
Details here

19 February 2013
Evening tasting
The Club Brasserie
via O’Donovan’s Off Licence

20 February 2013
Chakra by Jaipur, Greystones

21 February 2013
Evening tasting and dinner
Hole in the Wall

22 February 2013
Evening tasting and dinner
Ely CHQ Bar (Under The Arches restaurant downstairs)
via The Corkscrew Wine merchants
Details here

25 February 2013
Wine dinner
Cork & Bottle, Leicester Square
Details here

26 February 2013
Wine dinner
Walbrook Club
via Theatre of Wine

28 February 2013
Majestic Store managers tasting
The Phoenix Victoria

5 March 2013
Wine dinner
Darcys Restaurant
via Flagship Wines

11 March 2013
Tasting stand
HT White supplier event

13 March 2013
Wine dinner
ND John wine merchants

14 March 2013
Wine dinner
Restaurant 36 On the Quay

15 March 2013
Tasting and wine dinner
Lythe Hill

16 March 2013
Tasting and wine dinner
The Fisherman’s Retreat
Details here

18 March 2013
Tasting event
Lazy Lounge

19 March 2013
Tasting and dinner
Stirk House Hotel

20 March 2013
Tasting event
Earle by Simon Rimmer
via the Portland Wine Company

21 March 2013
Tasting and dinner
The Windmill
Details here

*I think it’s the most counties we’ve worked in one trip! The Cross County Tour! And Highclere Castle – where they film Downton Abbey – is in Hampshire, and we’ll be near there … feel a quick drop in visit coming on!

15 responses to “Dates

  1. When will you be in Chicago area?

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  3. Should we note the date: October 29 tasting with The Jug Shop in San Francisco. Details coming soon….

  4. Great seeing you again in Annapolis, Jane – let’s do it again next year!! Quite the schedule you’ve got. Do you know yet if you’ll be in Ottawa, Ontario, and if so, venue/dates and we’ll let the family know. Safe journeys.
    Bill and Kristen

  5. How do I make sure to get all the info when you are in Ft. Lauderdale? I do not want to miss this. I am Yalumba’s biggest fan in South Florida.

  6. Dear Jane,

    It was about 5 hours ago when I first read about Yalumba wine and now very curious about it. It was about 4 hours ago when your blog came across of me and probably read everything about the stories/Yalumba wine, and watched every possible video and ad on youtube. Therefore I have to tell that the 160years of experience is much exciting and honorable.

    It’s unfortunate that you left the Bay Area, but still fortunate enough that you are still in US soil, since I was really glad when I realized that you as a Yalumba representative traveling around the states, which might help making a first contact.

    I have a plan about moving to Australia for the upcoming harvest season (to soak up more and more knowledge about winemaking) which triggered this whole search about wineries in Australia.

    I am in wine as well, born in the Eger the Hungarian Bull’sBlood region and currently working for a small boutique winery in the Santa Cruz Mt. in California.

    If you could answer me ( I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you for your time and wish you happy and safe travels.

    Best Regards,

    David Fenyvesi

  7. Janet Woodside

    Hi Jane, Just had the chance to check out your blog!! I had a busy 1st week back after vacation. I met you at airport in California (I was the crazy mom just back from Mexico heading back to Portland and I had travelled to Australia) where I learned about Yalumba! I tried to search thru to check out your visit here in Portland Oregon so I could check out restaurant and wine! Please send info again. Hope to see you again sometime. Such a fun and uplifting conversation!! All the best, Janet

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  10. Hi Jane,

    Anna and I just tried a bottle of Strapper that you sent us and it’s just as you promised… A good, robust Aussie red that we enjoyed with our very English bangers and mash Sunday tea.

    We had a great time app with you at the Cinnamon Club. Can’t wait to see the pics and a write up if you get the time.


  11. Jane ohh Jane

    messge from Will Physco pete and chalet Andy! When you in devon browns dont seem to know as of yet. Down in cornwall next weekend hope not to miss your visit, physco is back from the boat and still hasnt taken his T Shirt off yet! We are off out to your hom land in feb would be great to catch up. Let us know what your up to! LOL Will and Jaz

    • Hey Anchorstone Cafe folks – good to hear from you, and this is good to hear that you’ll be down our way next year. We tried to get to Dartmouth, but when we were in Portsmouth and Newquay, the Food Festival was on, and James Brown was busier than a one armed barmaid! So I won’t be back down Devon way until June next year, but I can already see us on your sea wall up to our ears in your spider crab! Or fish & chips! Up in Sheffield today, Huddersfield tomorrow, and the Isle of Islay on the weekend, but if a day springs free, I’ll let you know and I’ll catch the train down to Totness for lunch. See ya

  12. Judy hackett ' brewie'

    Hey there Jane just saw you on a snipett of Chong’s tv show. Hope all is going well over in the uk and that your knee is healed x judy

  13. Hi Jane!
    I’m Ilaria:)
    How was your fly to England? and to Australia? Everything Ok? I hope !!
    Here we all miss you! We want you back!
    I read your’s beautiful ..AMAZING! Congratulations!
    You are a fantastic cousin ( 😀 ) and it’s for this reason that we want you here!
    (Sorry for my english!)
    See you soon,
    lots of love and CIAOO!

    Ilaria ( Carlo and Aurora!)

  14. Jane–Awaiting details re: your Seattle venues! All we’ve seen posted (elsewhere) is your Sept 28 visit to Fine Wines in Redmond, & bummed we can’t be there. Parents & I loved seeing you there a few years ago and sharing memories of our fabulous April 2000 lunch w/you on Yalumba’s grounds.
    Lots of US sports to see while you’re in Seattle–crazy noise at all of them, especially the Seahawks. Oh, and we have donuts here, too :). TOP POT. And lots of cupcakes…

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