Washington DC & Virginia – The USA & Canada tour begins

2.09pm, Sunday 7th May, Rhode Island Avenue, Washington DC, USA

Afternoon folks, and it’s a lovely cool drizzly Washington spring day out there, and I’m feeling quite righteous as I finish replying to the last 150 emails from the iPad in box, and reconciling the last week’s on tour receipts! We’ve left The South and our Victorian trade incentive tour group behind, and now we start the three week top end Yalumba red wine tour of the USA and Canada…….and the start of the show – the ‘super claret’ Cabernet Shiraz blend, but I’ll give you the whole story on that tomorrow.

For now, here’s a quick catch up on what we’ve been up to over the last two days…..after a very early start on Friday morning in Nashville and two very bumpy rides across to Chicago and then Washington DC through the storm fronts. First stop was the Australian Embassy and its extremely representative of the complete Australian Wine Industry ‘wine locker’, where we put on a tasting for staff, then yesterday it was out to Virginia to see the folks from Total Wine & More, and Seasons 52. Earlier this year we had the buyers responsible for the Australian section at Total visit the Barossa, and in return they suggested two different store models to visit whilst we were in town. So it was the brand new ‘urban concept’ store in  Ballston, and then the larger traditional plan store in McLean for us.Its always nice to thank folks in person for having us on the shelves, so to Heather and Will, James and Mary – you know who you are – and “thanks”!

And yep, that was me getting into the Cinco de Mayo spirit at the Ballston store……

Whilst we were out in McLean, we dropped into Seasons 53 for a late lunch, as they have our Y Viognier on the list, and are about to add the Y Vermentino. With the range of local crab, scampi and shrimp dishes on the menu, plus Maine lobster, Alaskan Halibut and Canadian salmon…..the two white varietals should do really well. We set up the staff training sessions for a couple of weeks time, and worked out all the combos for the team……and tried some out……just to make sure they worked!

So there you have it, we’re underway! Cheers until we’re in Edmonton, Canada tomorrow and I’ll lift the lid on the new ‘super claret’

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