New Orleans, Louisiana…..its Jazz Fest time

4.42pm, Thursday 27th April, The Hotel Lobby, French Quarter, Noo Awlins, Loosiana, The Yoo Nighted States of Mmmmmerica

I’m waiting on our team of intrepid Melbourne trade travellers to arrive any minute, and I’m expecting them to be a tad creased from the flight up to Los Angeles, then the almost trans continental hop from LA to NOLA. We’ve put a cool tour guide together for them that covers a good solid checklist of the best things to do in New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville……and tonight I think it’s just going to be an early dinner then crash…..even though the Jazz Fest packed streets will be extremely inviting. The plan is to wander across the French Quarter to the old warehouse district where the restaurant Mother’s has been serving up the local flavours down home style since the 1930s, and that’s going to be us! Gumbo, catfish, andouille sausage, country ham, crawfish étouffée…..and pie!!

I’ll introduce the crew in the next post, might be best if I take that first group pic tomorrow I think!! Cheers for now and we’ll check in tomorrow

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