Goodbye London – Noo Awlins, Loozyanna… we come!

11.56am, Wednesday 26th April, Heathrow Terminal 5, London, England, United (for now) Kingdom

Morning folks, and here I am at Heathrow Terminal 5 again, this time getting set to catch British Airways’ brand new direct Boeing Dreamliner service to New Orleans (pronounced NooAwlins one word by the locals) to meet up with an intrepid group of staunch Yalumba trade who have won a trip to spend a week exploring the ‘Americana Music Triangle’ of New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville for a week. We’ve coined the tour the ‘Americana Adventurers’, written a specific tour guide book for the ground we’re going to cover, and it’s even got a ‘sealed section’ for the surprise day tour from Nashville next Wednesday. 

So goodbye London, and thanks enormously yet again to 67 Pall Mall for your support…..and we’ll see you all again when it’s autumn.

PS going to the post office in South Kensington yesterday, guess what I found next door? The Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman has a rib and burger place called Sticky Fingers……..definitely on the ‘must do’ list for the next trip.

One response to “Goodbye London – Noo Awlins, Loozyanna… we come!

  1. Stephen, Ingrid

    Jane! I had not realized you were in London. I live here now! Big change from Houston but I’m enjoying it ☺ Hopefully we can meet up in Autumn when you return to London

    Ingrid Stephen

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