Vancouver – nice to back, thanks a million, and goodbye!

11.28am, Friday 16th September, Bentall Centre, Burrard & Pender, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Morning folks, and a massive amount of water has gone under the bridge since I last posted, over on Vancouver Island, In Victoria. So let’s quickly catch you up on the Vancouver leg of the tour. Staying right on Coal Harbour on Vancouver’s waterfront, right next door to the Convention Centre….

you certainly realise very quickly just how busy Vancouver is as a tourist stop. The float planes are like busy bees from dawn to dusk – they fly by sight, not instruments…

And the cruise ships slip in at daybreak and out in the late afternoon, giving the passengers a top day in Vancouver, incurring no overnight dock fees…..

So whilst we’ve been in town, we’ve covered a lot of ground. On Tuesday morning, we did a tremendous Masterclass with the Product Consultants from the BCLDB – British Columbia Liquor Board – and used a wine set that represented the Australian situation well – various wineries, several wine regions, and a style range from a light fresh Mosacto through a traditional fortified . We did the first ever formal wine and food matching exercise training session at the same class that the PCs had done, and it was just tops! The combos were: Moscato / Sparkling with Asian cabbage and crab lettuce cups, Viognier with a mini Banh mi Pork belly roll, Riesling / Chardonnay with a smoked salmon blini, Barossa Grenache / Margaret River Cabernet with Prosciuto wrapped melon, GSM blend (Grenache Shiraz Mataro) / Clare Cabernet Shiraz with a Peking duck roll, Cabernet Shiraz blends with a steak tip bruschetta. Here’s the team from Negociants and our agents for Western Canada – Pacific Wines & Spirits with the food safe kit preparing the individual tasting plates…..

Oops! That’s the tasting plate – excellent exercise, and I think we’re going to use this sort of thing a lot.

Here’s the team….Alex, Maryann and Cynthia! Daniel was here as well, but not in the picture – he was carting everything in…thanks a million also.

Oh oh, I’ve just noticed the time. I have to finish up for now, as I’ve got a meeting with local Vancity or Hollywood North (that’s the cool names for Vancouver) hipster wine scribe and event entrepreneur – all round nice bloke that loves donuts like I do – Kurtis Kolt.So I’ll dive off and do that – I have had some strange looks as I sit here in the food court next door to Joey One – the restaurant we’re meeting at – with my three bottles of wine… best go before they confiscate my bottles in an unlicensed area!! See you when I’m at Vancouver airport – heading for Calgary tonight as we have a wine dinner scheduled at Pampa Restaurant tomorrow evening.

5.56pm, Same Day, Still Vancit, Vanncouver Airport, Gate C30

So, where was I. OK, trade call to the truly fabulous Miku Waterfront for an early dinner – they’ve been running our Yalumba Organic Shiraz by the glass for ever ***thanks!***- and their signature blowtorch finished wild sockeye Salmon Osha Sushi…..8 pieces of foodie heaven on a plate… me!

Sorry folks, not quite sure how that boat pic got in there!

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