Road snack taste test # 1 – Malley OH’S!

11.48pm, Tuesday 6th September, South Bend, Indiana

Evening folks, and it’s a very unseasonal warm night in Indiana – 28 degrees C out there right now, and for tonight’s blog post, I thought it was about time to start rating ‘unique local snacks’ as I’m travelling. Today as I was driving through the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio – heading for Indiana – I happened to pass the Malley’s chocolate works. Now apparently this family confectionery business has been going since 1935, so the forces of fate must have set the GPS to take me literally past their door. 

So tonight I’m going to taste test one of their top sellers – the round milk chocolate covered biscuit called the ‘Malley OH’.

Very smart printed cello bag with one biscuit inside….and biting in…..surprise! It’s not just a choc coated bikkie! It’s two dark chocolate biscuit discs with a thin layer of vanilla marshmallow between, coated with a decent layer of creamy milk chocolate. Very very nice, not too sweet, and everything melts away just leaving a yum milk choc flavour.

Rating – 9/10 – and the only down side? I only bought one!

PS apparently there a few Malley’s ‘Chocolate Shoppes’ dotted around north eastern Ohio, and four of them have old fashioned ice cream parlours attached. If you’re ever in Ohio, as Molly Meldrum on the Countdown TV show used to say….”go out and do yourself a favour”…. Track one down

See you when it’s Wednesday and we’re in Chicago

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