From Pittsburgh to Cleveland on the backroads…..and a Bigfoot sighting!

11.02pm, Monday 5th September, East Sixth Street, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Evening here in Cleveland folks, a very busy town today for visitors…..both US Presidential candidates Trump and Clinton had their planes parked side by side at the airport as they toured the local area…..and I drove in from Pittsburgh on the backroads. In fact at one stage today, I reckon the Trump convoy and I were not far off crossing paths! They were off to the fair at Canfield in north east Ohio, and I came through to Lisbon – just south – and then on up to Cleveland. I wondered why all the bunting and signs were up! 

Any rate, I promised a lot of folks that I’d get a blog post done each day, and I’m going to do my darnedest to make that happen…..with pics! So here’s the cross country hike from Pittsburgh – goodbye to the Steel City for now….

An early morning drive north west across a little slice of West Virginia, over the Ohio River at East Liverpool …..

Into the state of Ohio proper – I stopped in the little town of Lisbon for lunch – by luck I stumbled across the Steel Trolley Diner. Once upon a time, these things liberally dotted the American countryside, and now folks go looking for them…..

****weird moment in Lisbon, as I couldn’t help myself when I saw a sign in the local hunting shop across from the diner saying “Bigfoot tees”. Then I had to ask! Apparently there was a Bigfoot sighting in the area back in 2012 that didn’t involve alcohol or any weird experience enhancing stuff….and the locals aren’t discounting the story…..

– then straight up to Cleveland – sitting on both the Cuyahoga River and the southern edge of Lake Erie. I didn’t realise that the local baseball heroes – the Cleveland Indians – were playing the Houston Astros this evening, so I was lucky enough to get along with some locals….and this record of my first – and probably only – visit to Progressive Field……is going straight to the Pool Room!

PS I do have a very soft spot for Cleveland, as I was really looked after 15 years ago at the Amtrak Train Station as part of my four day residency on the trains and in the stations as I got out of 9/11 devastated New York. So it’s nice to be back – I like this town…..a lot.

See ya tomorrow, after catching up with those tremendous folks that look after us in Ohio – the Buckeye State – Vintage Wine Distributor……it will be along Lake Erie to Toledo – get ready Klinger fans from the MASH TV show, we might do dinner at Tony Packo’s – then on to South Bend, Indiana overnight before a very big day in Chicago with our distributor there Heritage.

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