Pittsburgh PA – first time in Steeltown USA

6.49pm, Sunday 4th September, University Boulevard, Moon Township….on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Evening folks, or whatever time it is where you are – I’m back on the air, because we’re back on the road. This trip it’s a split between the USA – a whistlestop tour of six states…Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Washington, Florida & Minnesota and four cities…..and Western Canada – Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton & Calgary.

So here’s a quick photo catch up of the last couple of days….Welcome to Pittsburgh for my first ever visit. Now I’m already a big fan of the blue collar riverside Midwest towns – Cincinnatti, Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland – are all favourites – and after 36 hours on the deck, I’m ready to add Pittsburgh to that list. I’m not sure if Kansas City is in the Midwest, but Pittsburgh reminds me off a cross between KC – it’s on bluffs above the river one side, and flats on the other – and Cincinnatti with its industrial manufacturing inner city and downtown dock areas having a big makeover to apartments and entertainment precincts. Pittsburgh is also a massive sports town, with a completely black and gold Pirates / Steelers colour scheme……and they’re already gearing up for the new NFL football season with a vengeance!

We start with the most unique view of downtown Pittsburgh……from the Duequesne (that’s pronounced ‘Doo-Kayne’ for the out of owners) Incline. This is an amazing piece of 1800s engineering that literally ferried folks from the business part of town, in the city, at the docks, foundries,mfactories and markets of the riverside ‘flats’……up to the more residential part of town that was established on the bluffs above. After falling into dis repair in the 1960s, the Incline has been restored, and is run completely as a non profit operation….just because enough people wanted to keep it rolling. The cars are the completely original timber and steel construction, and whilst the mechanicals were all steam back in the day, now it’s electrics that run the cables…..but the mechanism is much the same. 

I’m still out of the time zone, so had no problem getting into town early before the holiday weekend crowds, and riding the Incline. Here we go…..first up what the Incline looks like today & yesterday….

Downtown Pittsburgh from the top of the Incline….and that big riverside stadium in the foreground left? Is Heinz Field….home of the Steelers. The Heinz name is another page in the Pittsburgh story of really interesting things that started locally….and I’ll get to that in another post.

Away the old wooden car goes…365 days of the year….from early morning until midnight…..$5 return. I would definitely have paid the money rather than hike up and down!

Pittsburgh – thanks for a fab 48 hours, and I’ll definitely be back….I didn’t even try any pierogies!

Cheers for now, tomorrow it’s off to Cleveland, Ohio.

One response to “Pittsburgh PA – first time in Steeltown USA

  1. Andrew Gibb Twist Club

    Hey Jane, Over the week end a big T V article re Pittsburg and what Trump is going to do,hopefully drink more Yalumba,



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