Goodbye Wellington…..Queenstown snow country – here we come!

6.12am, Tuesday 26th July, Gate 18a, Wellington Airport, North Island, New Zealand

Morning folks, and here we are at Wellington airport, grabbing the porridge breakfast option at Wishbone – just did a bit of surgery to remove all those horrid walnuts before the girls heated it up – and we’re off for the ‘southern double hop’ two flight trip down to Queenstown……excitement capital of the South Island – skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, jet boating, and my pace – the cable car ride above town. When you get Gate 18a on your boarding pass, that means one of the regional Air New Zealand (and that’s pronounced Earr Nyu Zillind around here!)  prop jets, and a bouncy old ride down to Christchurch. That’s where you change for the ‘split the middle and plop over the top’ prop jet again ride into Queenstown, where the pilots literally slice in between two mountain tops, slide down the river bed towards the air strip, then belly flop up and over the bank and onto the tar! Sometimes it’s better not to know what’s coming!

Off to Queenstown, so it’s internal combustion stuff for brekky, and on with the thermal undershirt!

But before heading south, a quick catch up on yesterday’s fab local trade event in Wellington – thanks to our Local gals Hanna and Cenna for putting it together, and Lorenzo and Lucas from Bresolin for the set up, tremendous log fire, and food!

That’s Lucas on the left – Lorenzo on the right – lovely young trustworthy food and wine lads from Wellington!

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, and house smoked brisket – lovely when the photos are completely self explanatory!!

See ya when it’s snowing down in Queenstown folks!

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