Windy – seriously – in Wellington!!

5.08pm, Sunday 24th July, Lambton Quay, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

Evening folks, and here today in the nation’s capital – Wellington – the winds are ‘easing’.That’s easing slightly from the belting 120 km/ hr gusts yesterday that were pushing even me around the streets like a large four layers of jerseys and jackets on version of Mary Poppins! But at least it’s not raining, so there’s always an up side. Last night the local rugby side the Hurricanes absolutely flogged the visiting Sharks from South Africa 41-0, so the whole town is happy, so all looks well for our Wellington trade event tomorrow. As luck would have it, the Sharks were staying at the same hotel as me last night, and I happened to see a couple of them yesterday afternoon and again this morning at the Starbucks next door, and whilst they were obviously out classed on the field last night at the game……they seemed to be very very nice …….and very large! boys……so hopefully they’ll come back stronger next year. 

So seeing as I had the day off today, I thought I might go adventuring, and I caught the number 3 bus down to the beach at Lyall Bay and went for lunch at the Maranui Surf Club Cafe. (I got off the bus at the wrong stop initially, hiked around, and with the help of some amused locals, eventually found the 3 bus again, and the beach!)

It’s got a top view of the opening out to the Cook Strait, as well as the southern end of the Wellington airport’s runway, and after a bit of a wait in line on the old staircase – some local kids in front of me reckoned the line was really short today – sometimes it goes outside and down the road! – I got a seat where I could watch the planes take off and land. How neat to be in the sunshine, out of the wind, and knowing exactly how those folks felt as those birds swung and lurched down towards the tar in the spin dryer that is the wind currents around Wellington Airport. That’ll be me next Tuesday morning early as we do the ‘slingshot’ take off in the Air New Zealand  7.30am breakfast special down to Queenstown on the bottom of the South Island. Fingers crossed the weather keeps easing! Here’s a Fiji Airlines jet ready to go….

So here’s the view from the main part of the dining room, and to the right of that point folks, is the Cook Strait….and I saw the ferry heading out at around 2pm today. 

So what’s the food like? Pretty damn good. I crossed over the breakfast and lunch menu, and did the ham and cheese toasted with a poached egg and baby kransky sausages – with a bottle of the local softie Foxton Fizz. Excellent plane spotting tucker! If you’re visiting Wellington, it’s definitely well worth the bus ride and wait in line to do breakfast / brunch out at the Maranui Cafe – plus there’s a couple of interesting spots to stop on the Number 3 bus route on the way – Riddiford Road, Newtown and Kilburnie look pretty interesting as well.

So the plan now is to get a very early night, meet the team tomorrow for brekky at The Thunderbird Cafe down the street, and catch up with the local Wellington trade after that.

So I’ll see ya when it’s Monday and a brand new wintry week – thanks Maranui and Lyall Bay – I had a top day out.

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