One night wine stand – Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club – Kingscliff NSW

2.46pm, Sunday 3rd July, On Queensland rail to Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

Afternoon folks, and it is a lovely sunny one up here in Brisbane,  ‘Bananabender’ central, and I just want to bring you up to speed with last week’s adventures fromByron Bay up to  Kingscliff NSW, then further north across the border to Brisbane. So firstly it was goodbye Byron Bay, and the best money you can spend in the country on a healing hands back massage! I could literally feel the stress bubbles pop and disperse……bit painful at the time – actually a lot! – but nearly a week down the track… worthwhile. And if you get a chance – here’s the best kept secret in Byron Bay…..the local corn chips and salsa. Worth tracking down.

And so it was up the coast to Kingscliff, where there is a caravan park literally 20 metres up from the high tide line at the northern end of the beach. Unfortunately the surfari tents were all taken…..

So it was Dreamtime 2 – the cabin – for me. Which is absolutely fabulous when you’re on the road ten months of the year. Even though it’s only for one night, you get your own little home, kitchen, bathroom, telly…’s half the price of a hotel room…..

And…..if you’re like me and are convinced that the morning is absolutely the best part of the day, you get to wander two minutes down to the beach…..

And watch the sun come up over the Pacifc Ocean….just you and the salmon fishermen……sharing the beach.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention. Why were we at Kingscliff NSW overnight? Because that’s where you’ll find one of our Yalumba fortresses – the Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club. Lovely folks, great club, top chef, and an excellent ‘Captains Table’ wine night on the balcony with GM Chris whenever we’re in town.

So thank you Frosty, Cudgen Headland SLSC, Jacqui & Brett at Red Hot Thai, Jimmy the Scot at Peppers Salt, and all our staunch Yalumba flag wavers in the Shire! See you same time next year with any luck.

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