One night wine stand….Byron Bay, Laidbackville, NSW

8.08am, Marvell Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

The morning is the very best part of the day folks, and I’m spending it sat here at the window bench at “Get Toasted – Byron Bay’s original toasting / Jaffie bar” ploughing into the breakfast of wine road warrior champions – toasted ham, cheese and pineapple with a cup of truly splendid coffee from the hole in the wall (literally) Barefoot Roasters people. We had a top event last night, a small group of local Byron Bay and Bangalow – seriously fabulous Pork from that area people – trade at Muoi’s Feast……a French / Thai crossover kitchen that’s quite the local legend. So breakfast first, then around the corner to the community hall to vote in the Australian Federal Election…..ahead of most of the country who will be doing that on Saturday. I’m travelling out of my home area so must ‘absentee’ vote early. Trouble is, I’ve searched and searched the ballot paper, and none of my favourites – Richard Roxburgh, Sam Neill, Graham Connors or Jimmy Barnes – seem to be standing for Prime Minister……..oh well, back to brekky

I do love Byron Bay – in fact every time I’m here, I expect the characters from the tremendous TV show filmed here as the mythical surfside hippie haven Broken Bay  – East Of Everything – to come walking down the street. I walked past the Golden Breed Surf Shop yesterday, and Morning Of The Earth was belting out – an old surf movie anthem and part of the East Of Everything soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the show, buy both series and sit back and view!

Thanks Barefoot Roasters….

And Byron Bay – we’ll see you next year. As soon as I vote, we’re off up the coast to Kingscliff, NSW and our event on the beach at the Cudgen Headland Surf Lifesaving Club……where I’m staying “on the beach” in a surfari tent at the local caravan park……20 metres from the high water mark! Can’t wait!

And don’t forget…..look after the country when you’re there

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