One night wine stand – Townsville, FNQ

7.46am, Friday 17th June, Around 18000 feet, QF 2301 between Townsville & Mackay, Far North Queensland, Australia

Morning folks, and this is new for me – I’ve figured out how to write these things whilst being in safe fly mode….anther technical barrier smashed by a non tech operator! By leaving at this time this morning, I’ve smashed the ‘less than 24 hours on the ground to deliver an event’ record as well. Previously it was 23 hours on the deck – one dinner and one trade Masterclass. Yesterday I arrived into Townsville at 9.30am, we did three trade calls (one including lunch) and a consumer dinner for 64 at Touch Of Salt, and I’m lifting off the runway at 7.39am. That’s a 22 hour flat turnaround – new record!

Here we are, coast hopping down into Townsville from Cairns

Thanks a million to the staunch Yalumba ‘fortresses’ that we did manage to catch up with – Brett & Brenda at the Seaview Bottle shop, Fitzi at City Lane, Haddad and his Longboard Bar & Grill -great view of Magnetic Island and love the fish tacos!

and the whole Brine Family and their Touch Of Salt – we do love your work!!

So see you next trip when I’ve got at least a day to spend with you…..bye for now!

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