The Yalumba Rare & Fine roadshow rolls on…..through Tasmania

7.58am, Thursday 16th June, Cairns Airport, Far North Queensland, Australia

Morning folks, and today we’ll be coast hopping down to Townsville, for a one night wine stand with the Brine family and 120 local wine fans – at their restaurant A Touch Of Salt. But for now, I want to give you a quick pictorial run down of our Rare & Fine run through Launceston and Hobart…..

Launceston airport, and our chariot for the two day five event run through Tasmania….

First stop…..dinner on Sunday night with our friends from the Spice Lounge on the boardwalk at Seaport……the best chicken tikka masala I’ve had outside England! Thanks for your support – Jansz and Patchwork Shiraz at a lovely waterside address.

And speaking of waterside addresses… can’t do better than the aptly named Stillwater, in the old mill, on the side waters of the Tamar River. Fabulous breakfast, coffee, cellar, restaurant, and local produce store.

We did our trade lunch there, thanks Stillwater – and we hope all goes well after the flooding that came through the week after we were there.

We met some great blokes who have just opened a new restaurant – Henry’s – in the gorgeous old Northern Club building. All the very best, and we’ll be keen to come by when we’re back in town

OK, that’s it for now, as they’ll be calling our flight to Townsville any minute, see ya when we’re one coastal hop further south

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