How to tackle a dragonfruit – in Cairns FNQ

2.53pm, Monday 13th June, Abbott Street, Cairns, FNQ, Australia

Here’s a quick tropical fruity moment for you – it’s afternoon tea time, and up here in Caitprns, there’s a tremendous local fruit market called Rusty’s…..where you can literally eat your way through a comparison 4 different types of bananas, 3 different varieties of mangoes, and try fruits that you’d never get this fresh straight of the tree or bush ‘down south’ in the Barossa Valley. So today, we’re going to try Dragonfruit! These individuals in the picture below will weigh out at about $2 each.

So, I’ve made the cut and split the fruit into two halves…..

And the idea is to scoop the fruit out with a spoon, like ice cream.So that’s what I’ve done, and it’s like a cold sweet cross between honeydew melon and raspberry, with a ‘seedy’ texture…..really nice actually…..and probably really good for you. 

Way more healthy for afternoon tea than a donut! I’m feeling quite good about this fruity adventure.Over and  out for now – probably got enough dragonfruit from one unit for two solid meals!

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