Cairns – Far North Queensland – thunderstorm country

8.49am, Monday 13th June, Lake St, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

Morning folks, and sorry to be off the air for a month, but we have been busy! I’ve set up my office in the street side dining area outside Re:Hab Cafe in Lake Street, central Cairns, under the massive old verandah S that are essential up here in the Tropics – catching the breeze as it occasionally spins through. It’s the coolest place to be given the humidity, and this is the best time to be up here! Right in the middle of the Australian winter, I’m sitting here in shorts and a t shirt……and ploughing my way through a bowl,of Bircher muesli and fruit! It’s the Cairns Ironman weekend, and I may not be Ironman material…..ever!…..but I can certainly do the breakfast! Re:Hab Cafe is one of those magic spots that you can find in all corners of the globe – little hole in the wall magic outposts of independent ownership where they just do things really really well – consistently. Every time I’m up here in Cairns, this is where I set up my early morning breakfast office, with great coffee!

This is my favourite table inside…..and the best Bircher muesli in my travels….

So what have we been up to lately? We’re currently half way through a 10 week Rare & Fine new Yalumba wine tour of Australia and New Zealand, and it truly feels like the Forces of Fate are with us. We have a very strong wine set at the minute, showing a lot of the super smooth 2012 Vintage wines, and contrasting them with the first serious red releases from the more ‘muscular’ 2013 Vintage. Our dry  viogniers from 2014 are stellar, and the 2015 Botrytis Viognier FSW7B is nearly stealing the show! So in the glass at the moment……no baggage whatsoever!

We’ve covered a lot of ground of late, so I’m going to take you on a quick catch up pictorial tour of some of the highlights, and then I can attempt to keep up the pace by getting this blog back on the regular air.

We started in our own back yard – Adelaide – at the Caledonian Hotel, with their take on a lamb barbecue plate ….

Across the country to Western Australia with events in Fremantle…..with our fit friendly chef at Nunzio’s….

And in Perth at Matilda Bay…

And the Royal Perth Golf Club

What a top week in The West….then a transcontinental hop across to Sydney…..and just in time to catch the end of Writers Week and a riveting session with Stan Grant……a man who makes a serious amount of good sense!

Oh oh…have to leave it there folks, as a massive black stor cloud is just about on us, and it’s starting to rain. See you in a bit when I’ve re located!

2.27pm All the chores are done, parcels in at the post office…..back on the air! 

So the Rare & Fine tour rolled through New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory….with a consumer Masterclass at the City Tattersals Club in Sydney…

And another landmark lunch with the fine folks from the Canberra Wine and Food Club…

One response to “Cairns – Far North Queensland – thunderstorm country

  1. Hi Jane,

    Great to see you enjoying the hard work as usual, top day at Matilda Bay for the Twist Club, thanks, the appreciation to the Perth Yalumba team was sent.

    Do you want a better photo of the little man on the causeway??

    Thanks again,

    Andrew, Raymond, Dan and Chicken Man.

    Of course all of the club as well!!!

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