We’re in Austin, TX…..and it’s raining….again

10.40am, Thursday 21st April, McDonalds, near Interstate 35, Austin, Texas, USA

It’s still flooding down here in Texas folks, and we’ve completely abandoned our plans to head over to Houston to see our mates at Specs central in Smith Street – tremendous ‘one stop and I’m not kidding shop’ for beer wine and spirits in Downtown Houston. The roads are jammed, highways still closed, and it’s all just to unpredictable with the rain and lightning storms that keep sheeting through. It started just like this yesterday, and cleared to a lovely afternoon – let’s hope it goes the same way today.

We did the ‘Australia Today’ seminar and trade tasting at the Vine Vault in downtown Austin yesterday, and we had a terrific response. Of a sales team in this area of about 35 people, no one had been to Australia at all, so as an exercise in trying to bring our wine country to these folks – it worked really well. With the genuine wave of interest in our wines right here, right now…..the thing to do will be to keep up ‘our’ – as the Australian wine industry first, regions second, and wineries third……just to maintain the moment – for as long as we possibly can. 

So I think we should all keep our bags packed, and hope that the weather co operates! See you tomorrow when hopefully my plane will fly, and we’re off to Orange County.

But for today…..it’s the post office, pack my gear for an early start tomorrow…..and check out an early music show tonight


One response to “We’re in Austin, TX…..and it’s raining….again

  1. Stephen, Ingrid

    I’m sorry you will not be coming through Houston 😦


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