Buffalo & Rochester, Upstate New York cold snap

10.46pm, Sunday 10th April, 42nd street & 10th Avenue, Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Evening folks, and I do have a bit to catch up….for starters, here’s how our two day trek through Upstate New York went. This was the first ever foray up into this part of the world for us from the winery, and after meeting two of the sales people for our distributor Winebow from Rochester – Cliff and Adrian – when they toured the Barossa last year, we were pretty keen to follow up and do events with the boys. 

We landed in Buffalo first, and caught up at the Black Iron Bystro with the Winebow team there – run by Rick ‘the Riesling man’ Rainey, then it was out and about with the Mini minor pilot and wine sales gal Kelsey – visits and events with two of the Premier Wine & Spirits operations in Buffalo. 

It was a very cold clear post snowfall day when we landed in Buffalo – and headed straight for the Black Iron Bystro, and an introductory lunch and tasting with our local distributor team and some folks from the local trade.

We suggested that the Scallop Sliders on the menu would do well with the Viognier, and the roasted beets with the Bush Vine Grenache

So close to the Canadian border, not surprising to see the Black Iron Bystro doing their own version of the Canuck gourmet delight Poutine – fries, gravy & cheese – which goes well with everything!

And with the Bush vine Grenache and both the Y Shiraz Viognier and Patchwork Shiraz?…..we choose Black Irons ‘Fried Chick & Waffles’

Having introduced ourselves to Buffalo, we then did a staff training sit down Masterclass for Premier Wine & Spirits – the Transit location – these are huge operations folks, so it would be good to have these folks really well informed on what we do and what we have in the bottle

Quick stop at Denny’s diner for a 6pm dinner with the local seniors, and we were off to the Maple location of Premier Wine & Spirits with Kelsey to do a consumer Masterclass for 45 wine interested locals. Completely forgot to take any photos, but we did well, won a lot of hearts and palates, sold enough wine to impress the wine department manager, promised to come back and do it all again……and jumped in the car to do the two hour drive to Rochester. Thanks a million Amber – our area manager for New York State – for getting us safely to the Woodcliff Hotel at around 11pm, whilst I dozed out most of the way.

This is the view first thing next morning from the dining room at the Woodcliff.

So that was day one of the Upstate New York cold snap back to back Buffalo & Rochester two day tour. Buffalo…..thanks a million, and I think we’re in for a long and happy relationship. And……as promised, I’m going to back the Buffalo Bills, now that they have a new coach. As soon as I get home, I’m putting $10 on the Bills to win the Super Bowl (we can do that in the Barossa at The Brauhaus in our Yalumba home town, Angaston)….. and will do for the next five years. That’s solid support Buffalo!!

Any rate, eyes are closing, so I’ll catch up the Rochester day in the morning. See ya when it’s Monday in Manhattan.


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