Buffalo NY  -8 degrees C…..here we come!!

8.19am, Tuesday 5th April, Gate B5, BWI airport, Maryland, USA

Morning folks, and looking at the weather today in Buffalo NY – our first stop today – I’ve pulled the under jersey out from the bottom of the suitcase – lucky I didn’t send that home already! Then it’s layer upon layer….-8 degrees C is arctic! Woollen hat, zip up fleece, Yalumba winter jacket – yep, I’m going to be the one looking like a big blue snowball! But at least it looks like a clear day, so for my first ever official Yalumba event in Buffalo NY……could be quite memorable!

We said goodbye to Baltimore yesterday at the Orioles Opening Day against the Minnesota Twins. I was destined not to see the game, as it was rain delayed for 3 hours! I left about half an hour after the tarps went out over the diamond…..early flight today, stack of work to get through last night – that was the smart move.

I have a great story to write up, and I want a bit more time than I have this morning – it’s on the venue for our event last Sunday in Baltimore – Second Chance – so that will be the next post.

Cheers for now from Baltimore – thanks a million to all the crew from Bacchus Distributors MD, DC & DE – especially Sal, Lou, Karen & Jason….. the Crab House in Rehobeth Beach DE, Bin 66 Liqors Rehobeth Beach DE, Stateline Liquor in Elkton MD and the Hard Core PA fans, Midway Liquor  in Joppa MD, the Australian Embassy DC, and BARCs Baltimore.

We’ll see you when it’s upstate New York!


One response to “Buffalo NY  -8 degrees C…..here we come!!

  1. Too bad you had to leave the game. It was an exciting finish!
    Safe travels!

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