Delaware USA – peach blossom,”Liberty & Independence”, the Crab House, Bacchus & us!

2.02pm, Thursday 31st March, Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

Afternoon folks, and we’re right in the middle of the trade show that our distributor in this part of the world – Bacchus Importers – are doing for the mighty state of Delaware – their flower being the peach blossom, and their motto “Linerty & Independence”. Coincidentally, it’s our first ever Yalumba event in this particular state and my first time in Delaware, so now I can boast that I’ve been to 35 of the 50 United States. We’re at The Crab House Rehoboth Beach – fabulous folks, the local crab specialists, and people with an excellent sense of humour!

So we started the day out early with breakfast in the car, leaving Baltimore at 7am to make the Crab House by 9.30am for a video link up with the sales team from our Virginia distributor …..Roanoke. This was my first ever video conference – quite weird looking at a dozen dots on a computer screen – a smiling face in each – looking back at me. What I couldn’t see, was that each person had a set of the wines in front of them as I worked through the stories for each. Weird but effective, talking to group of people in all parts of that stage, who promptly went out and ‘blitzed’ their territories with the wines afterwards! I was so impressed I’m going to send each one of them a bottle of the new 2013 Patchwork Shiraz to enjoy on their own time….especially if they leave it for a year or so…….at least. Thanks a million to the folks at Roanoke for working with this rank amateur video conferencer…..great stuff. 

Then it was a seminar for 11 of the local Delaware trade – several of whom already have us on their shelves – thank you Dave from Outlet Liquor! Sallie and Sharon from Coastal Wines and Catherine from Teller Wines.

Then into the trade show itself….and the best thing was some interesting food and wine matches that we could show folks,  because of the excellent buffet table put on by the Crab House. Their local devilled eggs topped with crispy jalapeños taste as good as they look……and our 2015 Y  Viognier is their natural match! Just enough zippy sting of the jalapeño and the creamy egg with the almost tropical today Viognier aromatics and cold slippery palate cleaning up the egg and spice. I have a new thing to take home as an event canapé!!

PS our Museum Muscat was spot on with their fresh strawberry topped vanilla cheesecake squares!

So there you go, an excellent use of my lunch hour! We finish at 4pm, then do the two hour drive back to Baltimore, and the prep for the rest of our week in the Maryland and Washington DC areas……..making up all the treat bags that have become our signature at events. And the best thing? Easter candy is half price! One for the firm… for me!

See you when it’s Friday and we’re off to Washington DC

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