Goodbye Florida…..Baltimore here we come!

1.27pm, Wednesday 30th March, Park Avenue, Winter Park, Florida, USA

Afternoon folks, and in a couple of hours, I’ll be catching a ride up to Baltimore from Orlando airport – just sorry I didn’t have a chance whilst in this part of the country to do Disneyworld! Maybe next time! But we did have a chance to re introduce ourselves to the Orlando area, seeing as we’ve not had a representative on the ground in Florida for a couple of years now. First was the trade and distributor lunch at The Capital Grille, which I posted yesterday……..then it was off to the original Tim’s Wine Market in Orlando……with Tim himself and some brave wine loving souls that braved the torrential rainstorm that dropped in out of nowhere!



10 minutes later….the torrential downpour hits, and stays for an hour – whilst we head for Tims Wine Market, and the hard core of red wine fans who have braved the weather and come out to see what we’re doing in the bottle

Thanks a million folks, and we’ll see you when I’m back in town – possibly around September. Then we may even screen the old 1950s Yalumba documentary for the locals……and find some caramel popcorn and interval snacks to go with it! So thanks Tim, and the Winter Park hard core Yalumba wine fan club – you know who you are – see ya when it’s later on in the year.

And Southwest…..I’ll see you very shortly for the hop up the coast to Baltimore. Crab town, here we come!

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