South Florida time….

7.49am, Sunday 27th March, Highway 41 South, Tampa, Florida, USA

Morning folks, and I’m still on London time, so by 7am this morning I was already up, and knocking on the door of the local Dunkin Donuts…..and here’s a new product evaluation, just for those who think that cheesecake is an appropriate breakfast item! 

This folks is the new Strawberry Cheesecake Square donut….the expected fluffy DD outer donut casing, with a soft creamy and frankly quite tangy strawberry cheesecake centre….and then the unexpected also soft and crazy strawberry loaded mini chocolate cupcake buttons on top! Technically as it’s all about strawberry, I count this as a fruit group!

So there you go folks……breakfast on my South Florida time day off!

3 responses to “South Florida time….

  1. Square donuts are sacrilege 🙂

  2. Don’t get me started! Now they’re crossing donuts and croissants and calling them cronuts, and they’re making donuts square! I like mine round, and filled with that chocolate creme… that’s a donut. See ya when it’s Perth!

  3. Crazy! Next time you’re in Galway you’ll have to go to the Saturday market and have donuts. Classic, round, hole in the centre, fresh donuts cooked right there in front of you. Sprinkled with your choice of cinnamon-sugar or coco…They are AMAZING!

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