Goodbye London….for now

6.28am, Saturday 26th March, Gate G26, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, London, England

Morning folks, and it’s the middle of the holiday weekend, and security here is on seriously high alert after the recent tragic events in Brussels. I was unlucky enough to overhear two of the security screening staff talking about details of their morning briefing which outlined the status of Heathrow and Gatwick as targets across this weekend, and I for one will be very pleased this evening when I’m on the ground in Tampa, Florida – where we start the USA leg of the tour. I suspect I’ll end up in a cafe in Ybor City – the old cigar factory part of town – drinking coffee that lands with a thud, and eating one of those magic pressed Cuban sandwiches. That’s the plan anyway!

But for now, I said goodbye to London in the most proper local fashion yesterday – fish and chips with friends at Olleys, a good way south of the Thames in Herne Hill. And look at the day London turned on for us….

On the way back to town, I jumped of the bus at Brixton station and paid my respects to Ziggy Stardust, the Diamond Dog, and The Thin White Duke…..who hasn’t sang along with Jean Genie or Rebel Rebel on the car radio, wondering where on earth you picked up the words?

So London – Lesley, Lorraine, Mick, Paul, Alex, Ryan, Chris – you know who you are…..thanks for looking after us so well.And to Vash and the folks 

at Cork & Bottle, the team at Bordeaux Index, the sommelier crew from 67 Pall Mall, M Winestore, Ram and all the crew at Bread Street Kitchen, Laurent and his crew at Cinnamon Club, the boys at Vinoteca , and Sophie and the whole team at Granger & Co – thanks a million for having our wines on your shelves…..they are very nice addresses to be at!!

So goodbye London – for now – and I’ll see you when it’s the New Year 2017

PS you’re so easy to get around at 4.30am in the morning!

One response to “Goodbye London….for now

  1. Thanks foe the update Jane. Gave you a quick facetime about 9 am your time but i guess you were 35k up and on your way to usa. Keep safe jan

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