Goodbye Jersey……Guernsey we’re on our way

3.57pm, Thursday 17th March, Gate 6, Jersey Airport, Channel Islands

Wow! AC Gallie have been our distributors on the island of Jersey for about 9 years now – and my question is “why on earth has it taken me so long to get over here!” What a magnificent corner of the globe! We came in late yesterday afternoon, and did a wine dinner last night with AC Gallie’s shopfront “Love Wine” – at the fabulous Suma’s Restaurant on Gorey Hill, in the shadow of Mont Orgueil Castle.

That’s David, our man on Jersey on the left, and Ryan who looks after them from our London HQ on the right. I couldn’t ask for a nicer couple of lovely wine blokes to spend the day with on Jersey.

The Love Wine tasting cellar…..set to go!

Sean Rankine’s Michelin star ‘Ormer’ 

Oh oh….have to pick this up on Guernsey folks, they’re calling our Blue Islands flight.

7.05pm, Bella Luce, Guernsey

Survived the mixmaster style landing, and it’s all systems go as they get set for tonight’s dinner – quick introduction for you to this island – 26 square miles in area, 65000 people, and it’s a completely independent state. Guernsey has its own money, it’s own government, and a couple of extra islands off its coast – Alderney, Herm and Sark. Here’s the Guernsey One Pound note – same value on the island as one pound Sterling, but not spendable off Guernsey.


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