Goodbye Guernsey, Channel Islands……we’re heading into town! London Town.

7.35am, Friday 18th March, La Fosse de Bas, St Martins, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Morning folks, and another big rollicking wine time was  had on the Channel Islands last night – this time at Bella Luce, in the parish of St Martins, on Guernsey.

Another beautiful corner of the world tucked away in the English Channel, 20 miles off the French coast. The weather gods have been with us for the last couple of days, as we got a great look at Guernsey as we flip flopped in on the plane yesterday afternoon.

As I’d not been on Guernsey before, I took the opportunity to whiz into the waterfront with our taxi driver from the airport – who just happened to take Island tours as well, so what a bonus! Here’s one of the docks – there’s a series of them that make up the harbour – and the stone quay butts straight on to the esplanade road.

And here I am on St Patrick’s day, looking at a very inviting pub…….and it’s off to work at the Yalumba dinner at Bella Luce for me


Thanks a huge amount to Richard Allisette and everyone at the Sommelier Wine Company for looking after us so well in this part of the world, and we’ll see you in the not too distant future – there’s a fishing and castle exploring adventure to be had on Guernsey, and I’m very keen to do it.

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