The Early Bird gets the misty morning pics in Durham, England

7.11am, Monday 14th March, Old Elvet, Durham, England

More technical woes with the blog folks – looks like the machinery doesn’t like the spectacular panoramic photos right now, so bear with me as I try and get it right. Earlier this morning, there was just me, the squirrels, the milk man, and the rubbish truck out and about on the streets of Durham. I wanted to get up to the Palace Green to see the magnificent old Durham Cathedral – much as our Yalumba family ancestor and ‘Indiana Jones horticulturalist’ – Fred Caley Smith – would have done when he visited the same spot back in 1894. He came in on the steam train from Newcastle upon Tyne and visited Durham specifically to see the Cathedral, which was world renowned even then. And…seeing as the Durham Cathedral opened in 1018, that makes her 998 years old by my reckoning…..and built to last forever.


Durham Castle is on the opposite side  of Palace Green, and with such a misty quiet morning, it’s not hard to cast your mind back 600 years to when both the Castle, and Durham as a bustling market town and home to the Bishop Princes, would have been up and about before dawn, stoking fires, and getting ready for another long day. I definitely wouldn’t have had the place to myself back then


So let’s see if we can load up a proper look at the Cathedral…


3 responses to “The Early Bird gets the misty morning pics in Durham, England

  1. Fabulous Jane, and the early morning fog is perfect. X

  2. Thanks Viv, and I just went back up after dropping some stuff in at the Post Office, and attended the short morning prayer session at St Cuthberts chapel inside the cathedral. I’m doing my best to stand in for Fred – 120 years down the track!

  3. did you see Ian Botham in the mist ?

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