Durham, England …….here we come

7.06pm, Sunday 14th March, Old Elvet, Durham, England

Sorry folks, we’re having technical difficulties with the blog, so hopefully this will end up landing properly! Here’s Durham’s Market Square today – a completely unseasonal sunny afternoon, but there’s a lot to like about this town, and I haven’t even made it to the famous Cathedral yet.


Wacko! It seems to all be working again! We’re based here in Durham for the first time folks, and we’re doing events in Huddersfield tomorrow night with the absolutely fabulous Rob Hoult – one of my all time favourite English blokes. It helps of course that he comes from the town that invented Rugby League – and I’ve spent a lot of time watching that game and my beloved Balmain Tigers back in Sydney back in the day! Go the Huddersfield Giants! Then on Tuesday night we’re working with Campbells of Leyburn….our first event there, and looking forward to it.Talking of firsts…..then we’re off on our first Yalumba wine dinner foray to the Channel Islands – at Suma’s restaurant on Jersey Wednesday night, back to back with Bella Luce on Guernsey Thursday night. It’s all happening this week!

So it’s an early night tonight, and we’ll try and get to the Durham Cathedral tomorrow – because its forecast to hit double figures 10 degrees C tomorrow…..first time for a long time……and that sounds like a good moment to hike up the hill from the hotel.

See you when it’s Monday folks.

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