Thank you very much Glasgow……we had a top day out!

6.02pm, Thursday 10th March, on Scotrail just leaving Glasgow Queen Street for Edinburgh Waverley, Scotland

Evening folks, and as the sun is setting on another day up here in Scotland the Brave, I have to thank both the weather and parking gods for working with us  – we had a top time out and about on the streets of Glasgow today. It was all a bit grim and grey when I left Edinburgh early this morning, but what a lovely sunny – still cold at 7 degrees C – day we had to work with for the most part. Our distributors up this way are the folks at Wine Importers, and today my partner in wine and driver was the delightful young man Darren. Where he slotted that little car today defies the general rules of parking – he’s an ace! So what did we do, and who did we see? We took out a mixed bag of wines….2013 Y Series Unwooded Chardonnay, 2011 Organic Viognier, 2012 Y Merlot, 2014 FSW (fine sweet white)8B Botrytis Viognier, and …..Ta da…..surprise!…..Darren found a bottle of the 2010 Signature Cabernet Shiraz. Yes folks, that’s the one that I was lucky enough to have the family at Yalumba ask me to sign formally the back label as part of an outstanding line of great Cabernet Shiraz blends going back to 1962. And yes, that’s the one that’s been sold out around the rest of the world for two years……and we’re now madly trying to find out how many bottles are hiding up here in the Wine Importers storage cellar! What a great dry red to have under our arm today – my first ever ‘work with’ day in the trade with Darren. 

Now I got seriously lucky today, as our Darren is an architecture and history buff, mad keen on rugby and football, and a very proud local Glaswegian ‘southsider’. So when we weren’t presenting the wines at restaurants / cafes / whisky bars / wine shops…….we were checking out – from the road – Art Deco theatres, rococo style museums and art galleries, local legend filming sites for a big fave for both of us ‘Taggart’, and old school sports grounds – good luck next game Partick Thistle!! Folks, we were a couple of very busy bodies today. And – fingers crossed – I think we might have done well. Maybe it was the weather + the rock star car oarks we kept getting + the wines looking good in the glass + the tag team presentation that Darren and I had going on – un rehearsed I might add…..but we had a good hearing, and I think we might have won a few hearts and palates in the West End, Finnieston, and Kelvin Bridge……all the hot neighbourhoods in Glasgow for food, wine and fun.

OK, I’ll have to leave it there, because we’re not far off Edinburgh Waverley station, and you have to get off this train smartly, as it’s the express turnaround to Glasgow, and as soon as it gets in, you dive off, the waiting commuter hordes dive on, and it’s away in under five minutes! So I’ll finish off and add the photos when I get back to the hotel on the Grassmarket. Or maybe I’ll dive across to the White Hart hotel for haggis, tattles and needs for dinner first. Then we’re calling in to ABC Regional Radio in Mt Gambier again at 8.30pm which is 7am there…..and we’ll be having our second chat to Stuart Stansfield for his morning radio show. We’re going to do this a couple of times each week ongoing, so if you’re in South Australia – tune in and come on tour! See you when it’s after dinner, and we’re in Edinburgh.

Back folks, just had dinner at The White Hart – the oldest pub in Edinburgh Est 1516 – they’ve run out of mashed potatoes, so I had the haggis and ‘neeps’ (that’s mashed parsnips) with whisky sauce no potatoes. Top winter warmer stuff, I liked it

So back to our day in Glasgow – here we go:

Into Glasgow Queen Street on the train

Lovely day in Glasgow, and we’re in Kelvingrove to see Kirsty at The Mad Platter – and to check out our Organic Viognier with their Fish & Scallop pie

Then in to see Alan at the Ben Nevis

And across to The Ubiquitous Chip

Missing pictures of the Wee Lochan Restaurant & Cafe Bar, Balbirs Indian and The Cave off licence. There you have it, and tomorrow it’s all about Edinburgh…….and rumour has it that we’re heading for double figures with the temperature! Cheers and I’ll see you when it’s Friday

2 responses to “Thank you very much Glasgow……we had a top day out!

  1. Love it! During your travels there have you ever visited the Falkirk Wheel?

  2. Thanks Karen – no, I haven’t seen the Falkirk Wheel ‘in the flesh’, but I did see it operate in one of those travel shows about canal holidays. Mastering a narrow boat and trundling about the countryside on the canals is definitely on my ‘to do’ list. Thanks for reading the blog

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