Goodbye Dublin…..we’re off to Tartan Town

10.11pm, Wednesday 9th March, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland

Evening folks, and we’ve just pulled into Edinburgh – Tartan Town – on the train, greeted by a a chilly 2 degrees C but crisp clear night over the Castle, lit up like a Christmas tree. We’re staying on the Grassmarket below Edinburgh Castle…..the old medieval public assembly hanging field ……fortunately the only reminder of that time is the Last Drop pub across the way. Any rate – it’s been a massive three days on the wine sales roadtrip, so here’s a very brief picrecord of the events in Dublin and our jump across the Irish Sea to the Grim North (I love it) of England, then on up the rails to Scotland – where we’ll be for the next four days.

Monday in Dublin went a bit like this:

  Working breakfast…..followed by ……trade call to the delightful crew – Colm you know who you are – at The Corkscrew, excellent fine wine and cutting edge import store on Chatham street, just of Grafton Street….

Then down the road to St Tephens Green to The Residence Members Club to do a sommelier wine set presentation…

Then back to the hotel for an hours shut eye – not into the time zone yet – before the hours drive out of Dublin, through the Wicklow hills to Greystones…..home of the fabulous Indian ‘out there on their own spice and flavour tangent ‘ kitchen of Chakra.

Tilapia, curry leaf and mustard seeds. Mooli and crab ball, coconut yoghurt – with our Organic Viognier. Then the drive back to town and lights out at midnight. 

And speaking of lights out – my eyes are closing, so I’ll finish up here with the alarm set for 6.30am to catch the train to Glasgow for a day in their trade. But it’s nice to be back in Tartan Town….right in the middle of Tunnock cake country

See you when it’s Thursday

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