Aaah Dublin……I’m home……for four days!

2.44pm, Saturday 5th March 2016, Drury Lane, Dublin, Ireland

Thanks very much to the seriously smartly turned out and very competent operators at Emirates airways……and very uneventful back to back rides on their Boeing 777 300 ER birds …..I’m happy to report that I landed today in Dublin in time for Saturday lunch! But wait! Even with a skinny changeover between flights, if I’m in Dubai airport, it means one essential purchase has to be made! Dates!! Fabulous local fruit…..and with one UAE dirham = 37 Australian cents……half a kilo of sweet brown local gold comes in at $7.45 Aust!! Can’t go wrong! So what will we be doing for snack time on this this current Roadtrip – 59 days across Ireland, Scotland, England, and 9 states of the USA?? Yep……dates!!

So I’ve made it in one piece to Dublin – local weather report 8 degrees C, still and clear – and seeing as I’m still trying to knock this chest infection on the head ( thanks again Emirates for the lemon and honey drinks on the way up), I’m staying in this afternoon and evening as it’s the smart thing to do…..but I did duck down to my favourite pub in the neighbourhood for lunch (I stay near Grafton Street / St Stephens Green) –  McDaids Est 1779. That means the pub has been around for 70 years longer than we have at Yalumba, and we’re up for 166 years consecutively in the family this year!

My favourite ‘nook’ at McDaids…..

So I’ve said a proper hello to Dublin, plus I delivered the one request that I had from our local distributor folk Cassidys – to bring some sunshine with me! It’s bright as a button out there on the Dublin city streets this afternoon – quite a change from the snow flurries yesterday and the day before.Heres the view looking up, standing on Chatham Row.


So it’s absolutely fabulous to be back in Dublin – ‘Baile Atha Cliath’ – tomorrow is Mothers Day, and with any luck I’ll be spending it with the Woodberrys Wines family down from Galway for a roast lunch……possibly around the corner at The Hairy Lemon pub….


So I’ll see you when it’s Sunday, Mothers Day, and we’re in Dublin

PS Adele is playing Dublin tonight – now that would be a great way to start this Roadtrip!!

2 responses to “Aaah Dublin……I’m home……for four days!

  1. Great to have you back.

    • Thanks Michael – any chance of catching up this trip? Whelehans tomorrow evening? Coffee somewhere in between? Thanks for your kind thoughts

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