Roadtrip! Fingerbun Run to Ballarat!

6.41am, Monday 1st February, Main Street, Naracoorte, South Australia

Morning folks, and sorry for the extended time ‘off the air’ – been feeling a bit sorry for myself as I recover from a knee replacement! But what better way to come back than with a Roadtrip to Ballarat to do tomorrow morning’s Bis Net Breakfast for Commerce Ballarat………and on the way……in search of The Great Australian Fingerbun!! I’m starting off with the Morris Bakery here in Naracoorte, and things are looking good….the bun is still warm from the oven, they don’t use fruit peel – a big no no as far as I’m concerned – and I’ve got the bun from the outside of the baking ‘mat’. That means a slightly crisp glazed outer ‘shell’ before the warm fluffy bun-ness within! Sweet buttercream icing with stacks of shredded coconut….a star start!

What a fabulous first thing in the morning window…..there’s a complete baking ‘mat’ of  fingerbuns.

Almost looks like a bun-ny rabbit…. 

Thanks Morris Bakery – a star start to the Fingurbun Run to Ballarat! See Ya in Penola, Casterton, Hamilton and Ballarat.
7.47am, SAME DAY,  Main Street, Penola, South Australia

Folks, welcome to the Windara Bakery – home of one of my very favourite cakey treats – the jam and cream log….. 

But today it’s all about fingerbuns, and the Windara example is stellar – no peel, in fact no fruit at all – it’s just a finger of fluffy bun, topped with a very broad brushstroke of sugary vanilla cream, laced with finely shredded coconut…..

And I couldn’t help myself – Windara’s marvellous variation on the finger bun….sultanas added, sliced and stuffed with fresh whipped cream, with a heart of either stewed apricot or Apple ! Technically this makes it a fruit serve for the day, I went with Apricot! 


Trust me when I tell you, it’s worth the drive to this country bakery….whenever you’re down in Coonawarra wine tasting, or going through to see the Blue Lake in Mt Gambier – do not miss the opportunity to drop in and buy up! 

Onwards to the Victorian / South Australian border, and Casterton.

9.30am, SAME DAY, Henty Street, Casterton, Victoria

Devastated! The folks from the legendary Herbert Bakery est 1987 – have gone on their annual two week break! Well, good luck to them…I hope they’re having a top time.

PS If you’re in Casterton, say hello to the gals at Say Grace Cafe – they did the catering at the recent Coonawarra Cabernet Weekend dinner, and did a sensational job. Have a look at the evidence – first the savoury canapés, second the sweet combo dessert. Some of the best edible things are happening off the beaten track Australia! Do the driving and check em out.

OK – seriously sorry I missed Herbert’s Bakery, but everyone deserves a holiday, so It’s on to  Kings Bakery in Hamilton for me.

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