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In the Box in Melbourne

7.35am, Wednesday 8th July, Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Morning folks, sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since I put a story up – I’ve been back in the Barossa for a week, and went into ‘forgot the blog’ mode. But we’re back out here on the road, so there will be a flurry of catch up stories, as we have been doing some pretty interesting things. 

But first….we’re in Melbourne – elegant sports nut and foodie city capital of Victoria – for a few days, and last night we did our third Rare & Fine dinner upstairs at Box on Collins……yes it’s a restaurant specialising in seafood, yes they’ve got a top bar and wine list, yes it’s a three level long skinny ‘box’ going back off Collins street, yes it’s tucked into the side of the lovely old Regent Theatre, and yes – Adrian and Box on Collins are one of our favourites. We’re not sure how they manage to squeeze 45 people into the mezzanine ……but they do, and Anthony and the gals do a marvellous job of sliding the food and wine courses in and out of that space.

And just for the record… Melbourne, the city that takes coffee very very seriously…… Box on Collins they do it really really well

I didn’t manage to get snapshots of all the courses, but here we go with the two I did catch

Char grilled prawns with our 2013 Virgilius – nice solid meaty swimmers with a nice solid red wine drinkers white

My choice for top combo of the night – pork, but not the seen on every street corner belly – it’s the loin. And it’s a honey mustard glazed loin, seriously tender and absolutely loved the liquid fruitcake that is our new vintage 2010 ‘Steeple’ Shiraz……brought to you in the bottle direct from the red dirt around the Light Pass church on the Barossa Valley floor. A big hit on the night, and I’d better grab a couple of bottles for my cellar when I get home, as it won’t be long before the ‘sold out’ sign goes up.

So thanks to the Box gang – love having dinner with you all over again, and we’ll see you all same time, same place ……next time