Toowoomba….too good again!

8.04am, Thursday 25th June, on the Warrego Highway coming down from the Great Dividing Range, Queensland

Morning folks, just a little bit scratchy this morning – we did our Rare & Fine dinner last night  with the great Yalumba fortress in Toowoomba – The Downs Club……so named because that part of the world is known as part of The Darling Downs…..famous for producing fabulous beef. The Downs Club has been perched up there in Toowoomba, on top of The Great Dividing Range since 1889 – which makes it the same age as our Tricentenary Grenache, lovely old bush vines sitting in the deep sand between Light Pass and Vine Vale on the Barossa Valley Floor.


Hey – that’s us!! The Downs Club is like a working museum – it’s that old time Gentlemans Club that used to be where the boys could re group from the fast and furious pace of 19th Century business…..not a bad idea at all and works pretty well today as today! 


Oh and now ‘Plantation shutters’  are all the rage…..but they’ve been in style for a hundred years at the Downs Club
So thanks again boys Paul, Luke, Ted, Peter, Cam – you know who you are – you’re special! See you same time, same place….next year.

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