Kingscliff – that’s not in Queensland folks

9.05am, Wednesday 24th June, on the M2 Freeway, driving to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

OK folks, we’ve caught up a bit. Now a quick story on our Rare & Fine event in Kingscliff last night. That’s on the beach, part of the Tweed Coast, and it’s in New South Wales, just south of the Queensland border. The plan was to do a double header – masterclass and one course dinner – with the Kingscliff Beach Hotel, which is one of our Yalumba fortresses in that part of the world. We chose the 2012 Menzies Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2009 Octavius Old Vine Barossa Shiraz, and 2012 Signature Cabernet Shiraz for the masterclass – so that we could show the individual variety strengths, and how they combine in such a complementary fashion in the blend. 

The boys in the Kingscliff Beach Hotel kitchen put together a ‘taste’ for each of the wines – seared tuna for the Menzies, chorizo (locally sourced from ‘Salumi’) and smoked cheese stick for the Octavius, and a duck & red cabbage slider for the Signature – the 2012 vintage named for our fearless leader Robert Hill Smith.Lovely stuff as the starter!

And for the single dish dinner? Slow cooked shoulder of lamb with rocket, fennel and puréed celeriac – with a glass of the 2008 Yalumba Tricentenary Grenache……

Another fabulous food and wine night had by all outside the metropolitan areas! Thank you Kingscliff Beach Hotel, thank you to the 40 locals who turned out on a school night, and we’ll see you all next year.

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  1. Happy birthday to you! X

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