Mackay – sugar sweet and just how we like it

4.02pm, Friday 19th June, Gregory Street, Mackay, North Queensland, Australia

Afternoon folks, I took the milk run baby plane from Townsville today, and made the next hop south to the sugar cane capital of Queensland, Mackay. It’s a tidy coastal town within arms length of the Great Barrier Reef and the stunning confetti pattern of Whitsunday Islands, and I like it! We’re off to dinner tonight at one of our staunchest Yalumba fortresses anywhere in Australia – Sorbellos (yes, that is Italian for ‘mighty fine food’ folks) – and there are 60 wine interested local Mackay people coming with us, so it should be fun in sugar town tonight! I think there’s going to be a lot of this….

And tomorrow, I’ll be catching a plane down to Brisbane, then a plane back to Hamilton Island, then the launch from Hamilton to Hayman Island – where we have a couple of events over the weekend. So, expect some pretty scenic stuff. I’m off to organise a present for Sorbellos, because they’ve just had their 18th birthday…..and you can’t miss those red letter special days. See you when it’s much later on tonight.

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