Townsville, North Queensland ………it’s good to be back!

9.41pm, Thursday 18th June, Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Evening folks, on a very balmy Townsville evening, with just enough of a breeze to blow the moisture out of the air and cool things off. It’s a different world up here in the tropics, but folks are certainly switched on in this town when it comes to wine and food.After the short hop down from Cairns yesterday morning, we had a very big day, so I’m trying to catch up before continuing to leapfrog south tomorrow to Mackay.

Townsville, first thing this morning…..and Magnetic Island, just off the Townsville breakwater this afternoon


So job number one yesterday was a lunch with the good folks at The North Queensland Club, 2015 being their 150th anniversary year. The club has a top little library, and whilst waiting for people to arrive, I went for a bit of a fossick through their historical stuff. Here’s what Townsville looked like when the Club first started….



And look what I found on their library shelf….I would have been happy to hide out in there all day!


Actually, it’s getting late….I’ll finish this off tomorrow morning at the Townsville airport – all my best work gets done when I’m on the fly!

2 responses to “Townsville, North Queensland ………it’s good to be back!

  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Mackay.
    I have planned every year for the past six years for this event. To be able to finally achieve this for myself is a great feeling.
    Thank you for agreeing to come back.

  2. OK Catherine – that’s probably the nicest comment we’ve ever had on the blog. If you’re going to the Sorbellos dinner, make sure you come up and say hello. Also, there may be a few of us heading for the Sydney Hotshots show at Dirty Martinis afterwards!! Big Friday night in Mackay – here we come!

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