Taking care of business in Perth…..with a Twist (Club)!

6.09pm, Monday 11th May,The Panorama Room, Adelaide Convention Centre, On the Torrens River opposite Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, South Australia

Evening folks, and it’s a cold drizzly one at that as I’m waiting for the dinner crowd to arrive at The Panorama Lounge, one of the top dining rooms with a view at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Tonight is the opening Presidents Dinner for OzWater15 – the big international water fest on here in Adelaide for the next 4 days. Our wines are on the menu, so I’m doing the dinner chat.

Whilst I’m waiting, I thought I’d write up one of my favourite events on my annual calendar – that’s held in Perth –  capital city of the wild wild western part of Australia. It’s the Twist Club Businessmans lunch folks, and it was on Thursday lunchtime last week, at Mosmans Restaurant, nestled into a nice quiet corner of the Swan River. Why is it one of my favourite events?

1. Because the Twist Club is a fabulous group of Perth business blokes who have managed to stay ‘old school’ enough to keep one day each month to gather, swap business stories, and celebrate the excellent local Perth food and top wines from across Australia.

2. Because it always coincides with the Rare & Fine release roadshow, so I’ve always got a bag of red hot reds under both arms! Always good when you’re trying to impress the Perth business elite!

3. Because I’m the only girl in attendance, and hang me – but I do love having 35 bouncy business blokes to myself for a couple of hours!! And no…..no funny business!!

What more can I say? Oh wait….there’s more. Did I mention that some of these boys are really really good looking? You cannot blame me for running these lunches well into the late afternoon every single time!

And for the record, this year we were back at the most splendid Perth riverfront restaurant Mosmans….

And the view from every seat in the house?

And if you were thinking of motor boating across to Mosmans for lunch last Thursday…….sorry……all the parking spaces were taken….

And as for the meal – so good! The entree was ‘Corn Three Ways (creamed, roasted off the cob, and pop) with Scallops’

And then……the main event! The new 2012 vintage Signature Cabernet Shiraz, named for Robert Hill Smith – proprietor and vigneron. He couldn’t be at the lunch in person, but we did the next best possible thing to make sure he didn’t miss out on the day.

And as the sun started to set on yet another massively memorable lunch with my Twist Club boys, how did we rate the day? Gordon and I say…….tops! And we’ll see you next year……..stay safe and keep the Yalumba faith.

Thanks Mosmans, thanks Twist Club, thanks Perth for pouring on the weather…….I had another one of those days folks wish they could have!

2 responses to “Taking care of business in Perth…..with a Twist (Club)!

  1. Hi Jane,

    As always great to have a “ top wine host “ at our lunches.

    What a presentation of wines, never ceases to satisfy us , let alone “ blow our pallet into that place where gates guard “

    Thanks again, I’m sure the orders shall endure!

    My choice as per your suggestion the 2012 signature, aptly named, as a “ sneaky one “ and value for money the 2010 Paradox Shiraz.


    Andrew Gibb

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks very much for the magazine and maps.

    We are definitely going to come over, sorry you’ll have to put up with the oldies,

    Can you please let me know the dates you will be in Angaston, as we only want the best to show us around

    Thanks again

    Daniel Gibb

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