Los Angeles…..City of Angels, wine, wine mags, and hot dogs!

7.34pm, Thursday 2nd April, West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Evening folks, and Im pleased to report that we survived another day ducking and weaving about the crazy mental streets and freeways that are an everyday part of life here in Los Angeles. You have to factor in at least double your expected travel time from point to point, and you end up pretty close to the mark.So our task today was to criss cross LA twice…..out to Pasadena – north East of Downtown – first; then we had to chase Ventura Boulevard into Encino – to the north west on the other side of town; then south through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills towards Santa Monica to Cotner Avenue. Whew!! Actually thinking about what we did out there on the roads today – wears me out all over again! And I was only the co pilot! The bloke at the wheel was none other than Dave ‘Ma T’ Townsend – who does a top job working with the distributors in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii – to have Yalumba in a stack of great addresses…..retail, restaurants, and all sorts of other interesting wine savvy corners. Definitely like Thelma and Louise this last 4 days getting about California, only without the gun in the glove box, and Dave is a bloke. So not really Thelma and Louise at all…..but you get the picture!

Speaking of pictures – here’s our first stop – Mission Liquor in Pasadena…..tremendous collection of wines and spirits in one of the older towns that were once a tram or train ride out of Los Angeles the city, now part of the ‘greater LA’.


On to Encino, and we had an interview and mini Cabernet Shiraz masterclass with The Tasting Panel magazine…..


 Then off we whizzed to see the boys at The Wine House… 



Caught Adam sneaking off to the weekend with the 2010 Signature! Excellent choice!

Then, as a massive treat, Dave and I went to have a late 4pm lunch at a proper Los Angeles legendary landmark – Pinks Hot Dogs, on La Brea Avenue ‘since 1939’. I modified their bacon chilli cheese dog with jalapeños and barbecue sauce ……dogtastic!! …..if I say so myself!




So after a big day out there in LA, it’s an early night for me……and the 6am flight to Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow – I’ve now got a few days off in Mississippi before flying home, and we’re off to ‘the crossroads’ to listen to the Blues. Where? Clarksdale  – for the Juke Joint Festival.

See ya for now

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