Channeling the Rat Pack  in Palm Springs….

5.48pm, Tuesday 31st March, The Coral Seas Lounge, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Evening folks, the lounge singer is pushing out the old American standards in the background, as we slide into the relief of the cool air conditioned dusk of the South Seas Lounge in Palm Springs….no we’re not hanging out with Frankie, Dean, Sammy and the boys……but we’re sitting in the same bar stools!! 

Now, to our day – the first time that we’ve taken the Samuels Garden set from the Yalumba wine world out to show to the restaurateurs in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. It’s a strong set too folks, even if I’m talking from a home town standpoint. 2012 Eden Valley Rousanne – all wispy lime perfume and Chenin blanc like palate;  the 2013 Eden Valley Viognier – apricot and heady blossom lifting off a cool slippery 13 %v/v palate (yes….13.5%v/v WITH flavour and lift!); the 2013 Bush Vine Grenache all cherry & raspberry over Rosemary and tarragon savoury long but middleweight palate screaming for lamb; the 2012 The Strapper Grenache Shiraz Mataro blend – again unashamedly middle weight with berry aromatics leading + lush juicy shiraz chasing + the oomph and dry of the Mataro (that’s Mourvèdre or monastrel over here in the US) cleaning up at the end; the 2010 Guardian Shiraz Viognier – our ‘metrosexual’ pretty shiraz viognier (2%)  co ferment – all aromatic  savoury lean fruit over older french oak; and the 2012 Patchwork Shiraz – yay! Traditional Barossa shiraz without the rip your mouth apart tannins – all cloves and cinnamon, juicy dark plummy shiraz and a touch of aniseed over french and american oak – bit of power with elegance going on here. And….the Palm Springs and Palm Desert locals seemed to like them!



Welcome to Palm Springs folks…..


 First stop…..3rd Corner, Palm Desert – thanks Tamara…..and congratulations!! (Fingers crossed….no twins!)


Second stop….Dish… the cool new North Arts District – thanks Joane & Michele

****written up as one of the top 10 hottest places to eat in Palm Springs! I would personally like to try their take on fried chicken, or the Halibut with Jalapeños!! Next trip…I’m there!,


 Third stop……Thanks Natalie….good luck with the new cellar!


Last stop……the Wine Bar Bistro……thanks Robert & Jane…… your slide open roof! Perfect for those starry starry desert nights….and you’re underneath them sat in those fab sofas with a great glass of wine!

All in all…..a tremendous introduction to The Desert for Yalumba….thanks to Kristin from our distributor Henry Wine Group for a fab day out amongst the palms and sunshine. See ya next year with any luck, and we’re off to tour the Elvis Presley honeymoon house!

PS Meanwhile folks……back at the winery Yalumba…..the last fruit of the Vintage 2015 is scheduled to go through the crushers today. That’s what we call “short, sharp, and shiny!”. I’ll be home in two weeks, so I’ll let you know what the winemakers  think of the ferments when I get home. Cheers from Palm Springs……tomorrow Orange County!!

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