Spring break San Diego!!

7.23pm, Starbucks – thanks for the wi fi, Little Italy, San Diego, CA, USA

Evening folks, it’s been a top 36 hours “off the work clock” in San Diego. I should mention at this time that right now in the USA, it’s Spring Break! Yes…..just like all those movies you’ve ever seen – any possible beachside spot in the USA is turned into the biggest street party you’ve ever seen. And that means the airports are nuts, planes are jammed, hotel rooms are hard to find, and rental car rates are jacked up sky high. Welcome to Spring Break and the money printing machine that goes with it.

So consequently, we are staying in a motel – no suites, no hair dryer, intermittent wi fi at best (hence walking the 4 blocks to Starbucks to put my post up before they close at 8pm), pretty ordinary 10 channels on the telly, right on the flight path into San Diego International Airport, and alongside the railway line. But the good news is that if you put the wall mounted air con on low air, it drowns out the trains and planes. And after a while that constant burr kind of sends you to sleep. Probably doesn’t work for everyone, but works well for me. But never fear, it’s swings and roundabouts, as we’re saving some money these two nights, and move up to Temecula tomorrow night, and get a really nice place for exactly the same money…..with a hairdryer! So it’s all good. I just thought I should give you a balanced view of the wine selling road warrior world, as it’s not always Manhattan and London Bridge!!

Here you go…… 


That’s my people when I’m in the air….love Southwest Airlines to bits……bringing some more happy spring – breakers to town.


We did get a rental car for one day though, and had a quick look at San Diego….. 

Out to the Hotel Del Coronado when we got in last night, 122 years after Fred Caley Smith – the Yalumba travelling Indiana Jones  horticulturalist from the family – stayed for one night


And caught a magnificent sunset through the sea salt haze…


Oh oh…..Starbucks is closing, so I’ll post this and add some more tomorrow night. We’re working San Diego tomorrow, then Palm Springs Tuesday, and up to Los Angeles for Wednesday and Thursday

Cheers for now from Spring Break Central, CA

2 responses to “Spring break San Diego!!

  1. Elizabeth Schoen

    Hi Jane,

    I feel your pain!

    I was in the red light district during ProWein – 1 hour stop shop – and the fire alarm went off at 1am the first night and it was only 5 fire trucks and 40 minutes later the alarm went off! Not to mention the 2x3m room, no TV channels with English (not even CNN!), and very crap breakfast I thought I was so clever having negociated free breakfast 5 months earlier when I made the booking (trying to be organised) – only benefit was the proximity to train station to get me to the fair each day.

    Swings and Roundabouts for sure!

    All the best,

    • yalumbastories

      Hey – it’s just got even better. I got back from Starbucks, realised that the cleaner didn’t leave any towels in my room today, so went to the motel office to grab two. Just opening my room door when this semi clad woman grabbed my shoulder and asked for a towel to ‘wear’ ……I truly didn’t twig that something dodgy was going on so I sent her over to the office – told her the lad had some warm out of the dryer. Next thing 4 squad cars and the K 9 unit have pulled in – they’re still here – and it’s all a bit dramatic. Watch this space….

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