Thank you Colorado Springs……

7.29am, Tuesday 24th March, Louisville near Denver, Colorado, USA

Morning folks, I’ve put the vitamin sticky patch across my bicep, packed a banana in my school bag, and put half a bottle of water and some Gatorade down my throat already – all designed to combat the thin air up here in Denver – which knocks me about like crazy every time I come up here to Colorado. It’s just a flying two day visit, so it’s all about sucking deep breaths and keeping coffee to a minimum – then tomorrow it will be through to Seattle and sea level for the rest of this trip……yay!

So just a quick thanks enormously to Ross from our distributor here in Colorado – Classic Wines – because we did a fab trade lunch for 26 people down in Colorado Springs yesterday, and knowing I was a nut job Yankees fan, he asked local citizen Goose Gossage to sign a cap for me. Any baseball fans out there will know that Goose is a Hall Of Fame pitcher with his trademark mutton chop moustache – one of those tremendous three dimensional characters that you go to the ball park to see.


So “THANK YOU” – made my day, and this is going straight to the shelf at my desk at the winery, between my Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera signed photos!! 

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