Goodbye Colorado – Seattle – hold on….I’m coming…..

6.03am, Wednesday 25th March, Gate C28, Denver Int Airport, Colorado, USA

Morning folks, through security, coffees hot, and we’re on our way to the Pacific North West. Today is all about the scenic route – first Sea Tac airport, get the rental car – then downtown Seattle, put the bags in the room, grab my wine dinner gear – then hit the road and head north into Cascadia – pine trees, rain & mountains…..water everywhere – I love it!! 

First stop La Conners to drop in and say thanks for the support of our wines at the Nell Thorn Waterfront Bistro & Pub, then on up to Bellingham to do a tasting – mandatory stop at Rocket Donuts – then back down to Bow for tonight’s wine dinner at the Rhododendron Cafe – ‘The Rhody’. Then a nice quiet run back down to Seattle late tonight …….should have the road to myself, and a big sleep! Today’s a long one folks, but the view will be magic all the way.

See ya when it’s Washington State 


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