This is New York baby – keep up!?

8.26am, Wednesday 18th 2015, 10th Avenue, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA

Morning folks, I know there hasn’t been a blog posted for a couple of days – it’s been just a tad hectic! Just getting from A to B in this town is a trek, and we’ve covered some ground, in New Jersey and New York, hired a Zip car, braved the New Jersey Turnpike without even a close shave – anyone that knows that road knows what I mean! – we had a couple of irate faces, but they zoomed off to whatever earth shatteringly important thing that they had to be at……and we returned our Zip car in one – unblemished – piece. So here’s a quick catch up with what we’ve been up to, and don’t forget we navigated our way through all the leprechauns – male and female – that descended into Manhattan for the St Patrick’s Day parade, and their green beer fuelled antics……and again emerged unscathed. So read on intrepid wine tour follower…..we’re away!

Shall we take one of these cars to New Jersey? Nah…..better choose a Zip car….and off to NJ

Found a new excellent product at Gary’s……reminds me of that sandwich in New Orleans

Whilst out and about – look! – it’s my mate Chris Ringland’s wine!! We were in the same class at Roseworthy – the wine making school, way back in the day. And who else was in our class? Michael Brajkovich from Kumeu River NZ, Martin Shaw from Shaw & Smith, Pete Barry from Jim Barry Wines, Clare – even Rolfy Binder from Veritas, Barossa…..and Roger Harbord from Cellarmasters, and Mark Purbrick from Chateau Tahbilk – yes it was pretty stellar stuff!

Hey Dan Killey – isn’t that some of your Rousabout Rousey I see stacked there?

Then back into Manhattan, the Upper West Side to one of my favourite stores anywhere – Whole Foods! Thanks a million folks, for such staunch and continued support…..and with all that magic hot and cold ready to roll food next door, no surprise that our Y series flies!

After work, back onto the bus downtown along Broadway, get off at 42nd Street, for the crosstown bus to the hotel – sounds like I’m living in the lyrics to a song!

Watch out, tomorrow is St Pats Day, and the buses aren’t running where I need them to be ………..

It’s back to the hotel – I’m in a cruise liner single cabin at the Yotel – 

And plan my attack for getting right up to the top of Manhattan for the first job of the day

Into the Subway, and ride the A train right up to the last stop!

It’s a pretty colourful neighbourhood!

I save the company heaps of money and have a cheese pocket for lunch from the Dominican street vendor, straight out of the hot oil

We do our trade call, then high tail it back down to Manhattan for the staff training and consumer session at Burke & Wills – the fab Australian outpost on the Upper West Side – do not let this mild mannered facade fool you! As you come in from the street, first an intimate wine and cocktail bar…..continue down the wool pack lined corridor to a hidden gorgeous atrium dining room…join the Manhattan Cricket Club, and gain access through that dark leather studded door to the staircase and the series of four “wine and cocktail salons” upstairs. Yes folks, best kept secret in Manhattan! And we love them!

Look for this window at 226 West 79th Street – between Amsterdam and Broadway – and tell them we sent you!

OK – I have to go, as we’re doing a Viognier Breakfast this morning, and I’m out of La Guardia on Southwest this afternoon….for Albuquerque, New Mexico

See ya New York – no more Derek Jeter in that cling on uniform at shortstop – City …….love Ya heaps

2 responses to “This is New York baby – keep up!?

  1. Loving it Jane, keep it coming, Vx

  2. Great write up – I am exhausted just reading it.

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