Crab town to the Big Apple

9.24pm, Sunday 15th March, 10th Ave between 41st & 42nd, Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA

Evening folks, it’s seriously chilly here in New York, and blowing an absolutely icy gale just as an added extra! I said goodbye to Crabtown this morning and rode the Amtrak train ‘the Northeast Regional’ up to New York. 

I even managed to plough through the stack of accumulated receipts – accountants are running the world – and I write a story on the back of each one so that it all makes sense and then gets balanced  up. This is the glamorous stuff folks – like doing the washing in the hand basin, and drinking scalding hot coffee from truck stops late at night driving home from events – we did that last night after our wine class with the lovely folks at Stateline Liquors, Elkton, MD.

Any rate, made it to Penn Station, NYC – then across to Hells Kitchen – my favourite place to stay in Manhattan – and this trip I’m staying in the new ‘Yotel’ for the first time. It’s a very edgy idea – each room is called a ‘cabin’ and it’s like staying in a cruise ship. One that doesn’t pitch and roll, so that’s a good thing. Everything is very compact and streamlined, the shower cubicle and toilet are all in the same four walls as the bed, but it works for me. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Big Apple – for work or pleasure – I reckon  your room is for sleeping and storing your stuff. And here at the Yotel, I’m as happy as a clam with my cabin for the next 3 nights.

PS You press a button and the bed slides down and locks flat.

I did the usual thing that I do first when I get into New York – into the subway to buy my Metpass – it’s the  keys to the city – and all its public transit. Then I went up to Harlem, as I’ve only ever been up there once before, and met up with our gal who looks after this part of the world for us – for an early dinner at the legendary home of soulfood “Sylvia’s”. Here’s me wandering down 125th street…

So it’s lights out early for me now, as we’ve got a very big day out and about in New Jersey first and then back in Manhattan. See you when it’s  Monday

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