Another day in ‘The (House of Cards) District’ – DC

9.36pm, Friday 13th March, South President Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Evening folks, we’ve just come in from an exceptional day out and about in the Mom Van – that’s the mode of transport we use when we work in this part of the world, thanks to our area manager in our part of the world. The Mom Van has been flat out this week, up and down highway 95 – the corridor between Baltimore and Washington DC – on the beltway around Washington DC, around and around DuPont Circle in downtown DC, and criss crossing Baltimore itself. It’s been like Thelma & Louise, only without the gun! Here’s a quick look at our day, and then it’s into bed and lights out for me…..yes…..on a Friday night in Crab Town.

First thing this morning, Inner Harbor, Baltimore – we knew it was going to be a beautiful day….

First job… to present the new release 2012 Signature Cabernet Shiraz  to the sales team meeting held by our Maryland and DC distributor – Bacchus – here in Baltimore. I made easter candy treat bags for all 40 of them, with a special sticker because they’re just the best operators…

Then we hit the highway, after picking up our coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and headed for Washington DC….again. We stopped off at the landmark Bens Chilli Bowl diner for a quick lunch …….Bill Cosby’s favourite – ‘original chilli half smoke’ beef & pork sausage grilled and loaded into a bun, topped with the house chilli and cheese

Then on to ‘our house’ in DC – the Australian Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue – to conduct a tasting for the staff……

Then around the corner to the Whole Foods on P Street, to check out the mountainous floor stack of our Y series wines – perfect for everything from their salad bars, sushi fridge, hot pots, and Bakehouse…….Thanks a million Whole Foods, we love what you do, and hope it’s mutual……

Then it was around DuPont Circle….again….and on to M street to Bell Wine & Spirits, where from 5 – 8pm we did a consumer tasting in store. Thanks a huge amount for the support Jarrad, and for having us on your shelves. I forgot to take a picture folks sorry.

Then it was back to Baltimore and ‘home’ to the hotel – stopped at Wendy’s burgers for a ‘Son of Baconator’ ( wait till you see THAT!) on the way, and write the blog. And that brings us to here.

So we’ll catch up with you tomorrow, when we’re off north to Elkton, MD for our consumer tasting with Stateline Liquor. 

2 responses to “Another day in ‘The (House of Cards) District’ – DC

  1. Jeez Ferrari I hope you took a bag of quick eze on this trip !

    • yalumbastories

      It’s all about the photo chief, I don’t reckon I’ve finished a meal or a coffee this trip! That includes the oatmeal I get from Starbucks for brekky – the serves are huge. No, what’s making me a bit crook is the antibiotics I’m on – had to see the doc inAustin & Baltimore – got a boil on my leg the size of Ayers Rock which has bee no fun at all – but seems to be on the improve.
      PS Canada is looking forward with great anticipation to you leading The First Families Of Wine tour in May

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