Yalumba visits Washington DC – the corridors of wine savvy power!

10.16 pm,  Thursday 12th March, South President Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Evening folks, we’ve just battled our way back to Baltimore through the traffic on  ‘the beltway’ – the Massive highway that circles and services Washington DC from the surrounding states of Maryland and Virginia. We had a tremendous two days up there in this Nation’s capital with our fabulous ‘blokes from Bacchus’ – translated means the fabulous blokes that distribute us in the DC area, and have placed us at some excellent – and pretty historic as well! – addresses amongst the corridors of power in that town.

First up was The Hamilton Hotel, which takes up the best part of a city block – just a lovely two story timber panelled  and deep carpeted maze of bars and dining rooms in the nicest possible way – with one of the top band rooms in the city downstairs. They’ve been pouring our Organic Shiraz there for some time, and we’re thrilled to bits.

Then on to The Old Ebbitt Grill est 1856, just around the corner from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – an address you might recognise better as ‘The White House’. This place just buzzes with politico biz of every shape and size – all polished brass, dark timber, and secluded corners – perfect for power brokers of every persuasion! You can perch at the bar, soak up the history, people of profile spot, and drink our Antique Tawny! It’s on the Old Ebbitt list by the glass, and we tried it with ther Peanut Butter Pie! It was so good that the only thing we left on the plate was the pattern!

What else, oh yes – Clydes are a top old school steak and seafood ‘saloon’ restaurants with several locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia. We went into Clydes Gallery Place, right next to the Verizon Centre in Downtown DC – home of the Washington Wizards and Capitals – and did a staff training before dinner service on the 2012 Patchwork Shiraz which has just made the list. Thanks a million, and it’s going to go really well with most of the menu – from the Korean beef tacos with kimchi, to the Portobello Mushroom sandwich and just about every ‘B’ word…….burgers, beet salad, brisket empanadas, bratwurst….and their steaks.

We road tested the Korean steak tacos – yes! Top combination  in our opinion……

Then on to The University Club of Washington DC, established in 1904 – we were lucky enough to be the first winery to do the new ‘Salon Wine Session’. In a proper masterclass session, 6 wines accompanied by a little taster plate to match – actually I felt in quite the ‘presidential’ situation at my lectern!

Thanks a huge amount to everyone at The University Club of Washington DC – especially Vijay! – we had a great time, and it looks like the members did too! 

OK folks, it’s getting late and we’ve got an early start tomorrow – we’re the first presenters at our distributors big sales team get together……9am, – ‘the icebreakers’ – first cab off the rank! Then we’re going back to DC, one of our favourite events of the year – we get to visit our  Embassy! Then it’s off to Bell Liquors, just up the road and an in store tasting. So better turn the lamp off!

A good couple of days folks – the Suns shining  in DC, the snow’s melting, and we made it in one piece through the beltway traffic four times!

See Ya when it’s Friday

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