Four Roses Bourbon – more than just one love story

8.10pm, Saturday 7th March, Gate C34, Tampa Airport, Florida, USA

Evening folks, I’ve just come in from Louisville, Kentucky – and waiting on a connecting flight from Tampa to Baltimore. Check that one out on your Google machine map! But today I had one of those dream days off  that make all the rubbish early morning flights and late finishes worthwhile. I absolutely made the most of my day off in the great state of Kentucky – even if it was a touch difficult in places due to the unseasonal snow dump of two days ago. Louisville is back open for business today, but a bit further south – that’s Bourbon distilling country folks – the snow was a lot deeper and the roads a lot narrower! And that’s where I trekked off to today, so that I can cross one thing that I really wanted to do off the list. I’ve now been to the Four Roses Distillery – just outside the town of Lawrenceburg, central Kentucky. And folks, the best thing about trundling nice and slowly down the skinny winding Bonds Mill Road that the distillery is on? You smell the place well before you see it……like an invisible vapour trail to follow that promises all those good warm amber distilled mostly from corn things when you get to the end! So here’s my visit

This is a very tired girl……but you know what they say….”not rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail – nothing will stop the bourbon loving Australian female”

Bourbon class is in!

Top of the tree – Four Roses Single Barrel

Home base for absolutely lovely spirit!

OK – gotta go, as our planes here – see Ya when it’s Baltimore and I’ll tell you why it’s called Four Roses – it’s a love story folks! And I love Four Roses!!

It’s Sunday now folks, and what a magic sunny day it is out there in Downtown Baltimore. So where was I, oh right – why Four Roses Bourbon is called Four Roses. Well it is a love story. Back in 1884 your man Paul Jones Jr is living and working in Louisville, Kentucky – distilling and selling bourbon from an operation on Main Street – which back in those days was called ‘Whiskey Row’. He falls head over heels for this local ‘southern belle’ beauty, courts her continuously for five years, offering several proposals of marriage – each one politely declined. Speculation from our guide at the distillery yesterday was that it might have been Daddy intervening – not wanting the daughter tangled up with someone involved in distilling the ‘demon drink’. He should’ve asked me – I’d fall over myself to get hooked up with a bloke that owned a still – even a moonshiner! Any rate – back to the story. It seemed that this Paul Jones Jr. Was determined to make a last ditch effort to win her hand – and with the social event of the season approaching – ‘The Grand Ball’  – he makes another proposal of marriage. Our gal lets him know that she’ll think about it, and if the answer is ‘yes’ then she will wear a red rose to the Ball. Well, we know what happened? Yep – she arrived at the ball wearing a corsage of four red roses on her gown, and the rest….as they always say… history! 

So thanks a lot Four Roses, I love your work.

One response to “Four Roses Bourbon – more than just one love story

  1. BigDogthePirate

    Next time you’ve got a long flight Barossa Saint, download the TV Series “Justified”, you will love Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens. Great soundtrack too.

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