Biggest snowfall in 15 years ……in Kentucky!

10.06pm, Thursday 5th March, Alliant Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Evening folks, just a quick one, as it’s been a long day. I had a 4am call in Austin this morning, and caught the hotel shuttle across to the airport with an American Airlines crew, in the teeth of sleeting gale. It didn’t take long to realise there was no way I was getting to Houston in time to pick up my connection through to Louisville and our planned events… I got myself booked on the later flight out of Houston to Kentucky…..and waited.

When the weather is this cold, every plane has to be de iced to make sure that there’s no accumulation during take off, ensuring lift – excellent plan in my opinion! – so it really slows things down, and that all snowballs. This is what it actually looks like when you’re de iced – firstly from the outside….

And from the inside….

We knew that Kentucky was in for an arctic blast, but they ended up getting up to 18 inches of snow in some places – the biggest snow dump in 15 years according to the locals. The drama on Interstate I 65  has been all over the news – and was only cleared this afternoon. around Louisville itself, there’s a lot of places closed, with ploughed snowdrifts and slush everywhere. The good news is that tomorrow should improve, and Saturday even better again. So here’s the photo log from Louisville KY right now…

It’s all pretty white in that Kentucky bluegrass country down there

Louisville airport at 2pm today

I know this doesn’t look like Aladdins cave from the outside, but you should see the range of bourbons and ryes that Chris and Seth have in here…..and their tasting bench! And why were we here? Our Strapper GSM has just gone on the shelf.

It’s a trek even getting to Starbucks for a coffee

And finally…..this is how you go about chilling your bourbon in Louisville, KY tonight !!

See Ya when it’s tomorrow – early pickup at 6.45am as we’re trekking up to Hebron, KY to the headquarters of our new Kentucky distributor to present the Yalumba story to the sales team. Wish us luck on the roads!

One response to “Biggest snowfall in 15 years ……in Kentucky!

  1. From back here at NI HQ, Good Luck to you and your luggage Jane! Looks like a nice drop to keep your central heating warm.

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