“Restaurant Australia” – our food & wine stars at Van Wine Fest 2015

4.40pm, Tuesday 3rd March, San Felipe Blvd, Houston, Texas, USA

Afternoon folks, here’s another wrap from the fab food and wine ‘day market’ that we did last Saturday lunch time for the Vancouver Wine Fest. It was an opportunity for folks to ‘graze’ local and ‘imported into Vancouver from home especially for the day’ foodie heaven stuff, and wander about matching that to our wines from 55 wineries – from wine producing regions across Australia. First up, you could not match the location, up on the roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre, which is perched Harbourside – directly above the floatplane ‘runway’ in the middle of the harbour. The sun definitely shines on us when we’re in Vancouver- all the time!

I tried to whiz around quickly at the start of the event, to take arty foodie shots of different things that I thought would go well with the two wines from home base Yalumba that we were pouring – see what you think…..first up the 2014 Y Series Vermentino. For the raw bar fans, there was a mountain of local oysters – shucked right there in front of you – from Vancouver Island – above are the ‘Chef Creek’ and below are the ‘Little Wing’.

I need to give credit for this one to our amazing worker bee distributor sales rep from Victoria Island – Gavin Cameron – who was helping us out all day Saturday.

Still with the 2014 Vermentino, here’s the ‘fish on the stick’ that was also tailor made for its fresh zippy Limey things – ‘South Pacific Tombo tatami, wasabi Mayo, micro shiso’

And for the 2012 The Scribbler Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz – it was too easy to find it’s perfect match….the ‘Grilled Australian Lamb Chops with citrus gremolata” (There were also some kangaroo and beef sliders topped with beetroot relish – that worked as well)

And thanks to the lovely random man who came by and volunteered to be the ‘hand model’ as I tried to juggle the phone cam, the bottle, and the chops

Apparently there was a gin and tonic sorbet, but I didn’t see that. I was lucky enough to be sharing a bench with Sue Hodder from Wynns, so it was old home week as we caught up, and did food and wine pairings for folks all day. All told, a great way for folks to ‘visit’ our Australian food and wine world for a few hours, without leaving Vancouver harbour side.

Cheers for now, as I’m off to get set up for our Yalumba Masterclass with our mates from SPEC’s  wine stores in Houston and their customers.

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