Houston, Texas – I have no problem……with your BBQ

4.11pm, Monday 2nd March, San Felipe Blvd, Houston, Texas, USA

Howdy folks, I really have got rubbish timing!! I arrived in Houston last night, which was one day after their massive 4 day BBQ Festival finished, and two days before their week long massive Rodeo &Livestock show starts! How we possibly found the two days in between those ‘must do whenever you finally get to Houston’ signature Texas events – I’ll never know!! But I made up for it as best I could. I went to the Goode Company BBQ house last night for a brisket and honey ham two meat Po boy sandwich on jalapeño bread. You can’t miss the Goode Co eating shed – wind your window down and follow that smoky mesquite trail……and pull up at the outside benches. And no, I couldn’t finish this sandwich!

Then today I slept in!! It’s my day off and I came down from the Vancouver Wine Fest yesterday like a jigsaw puzzle shaken up in the box! Completely shredded! Which is a good problem to have after the Wine Fest when Australia has been the featured wine producing country for the week! It means we saw and spoke to a lot of folks, won a lot of hearts and palates, and looked after a lot of die hard fans of Australian wine that live and work in Van Sushi City – wine savvy beacon on the west coast……and I include the folks on Victoria Island in this. Don’t turn up if you don’t know your wine stuff, because British Columbia does!

So today’s culinary road trip was a relatively short one – over to West Houston to see if the rumours I’d heard about the baked potatoes at Blakes BBQ & Burgers were true. The easy answer is “Yep”… Ugly jam packed loaded jackets is what they got! I went with the ‘Super Beef Deluxe’ baked spud – with ALL the toppings – butter, sour cream, cheese, chives and BBQ sauce. Now that word ‘beef’ in this situation is a little bit deceptive – it means bbq brisket, chopped to smaller chunks……and very very tasty. Their BBQ sauce is dark and on the sweet side, which suggests a heavier hand with the brown sugar…..which is completely OK with me. So there I sat, with my football sized spud, dry skin loaded with all the goodies wrapped up with a soft and not lumpy potato layer. And yes, I added another topping – this is Texas, so a small mountain of jalapeño slices from the bottomless jar that seems to be everywhere in this part of the world – is absolutely necessary! If someone had told me 10 years ago before I’d had the chance to criss cross Texas like I have – that I’d be happily crunching away on jalapeño slices like they were potato chips, I’d have said they were nuts! But here I am…..and loving it! I gave my tongue a bit of chill relief with Blakes own ‘BBB’ Root Beer – very nice old school stuff, and I’ll definitely be back ……sometime.

So next thing I’ll do is add the remainder of those wines from the opening Oz Wine Seminar from the Vancouver Wine Fest into the previous post and re send it, then I’ve got to get sorted as I’m off to a Bordeaux masterclass tonight with some good mates from the sensational SPECS liquor stores here in town. Then the rental car goes back out to the airport, I get some more sleep – love that bit, it’s nearly my favourite part of the day at the minute – then back into the events schedule tomorrow here in Houston.

See ya when it’s later on 

2 responses to “Houston, Texas – I have no problem……with your BBQ

  1. Loving travelling with you Jane, keep it coming x

    • yalumbastories

      Stay with me, it’s going to get really interesting in Santa Fe, we’re off to check out the Miracle Staircase

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